I'm Sam, an artist who is trying to get her work "out there"...wherever "there" is. Could be to you! *All photos and other artwork on this blog are by me AND are available for trade or sale. Email me at sam.naring14@gmail.com if you’re interested! Thanks! :)

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I am inspired by tropical environments, other artists' work, and beauty in everyday life. Currently, my work focuses on me trying to figure out who I am, & where I'm going. It has about as much direction as me, which is not a lot. And I'm ok with that.

I am an optimist & nature lover who wants nothing more than to travel the world and share her art with like-minded people. I take photos of things that interest and inspire me. I draw, paint, and collage things from my imagination.

Please interpret my art however you wish; as this is what I do when I experience art. Find me on Facebook: www.facebook.com/lovelife203 Instagram: Penguin1_4Sam Twitter: @penguin_sam14

22nd September 2012

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Seagull in Winter
December 2010

Seagull in Winter

December 2010

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